Traditionally the 12 Days of Christmas starts on Christmas and extends roughly through teacher break; however it was celebrated in times of old is fine, but that’s how I observe it now.  My stance is that fewer Geese a Laying is typically better.  I offer my 12 Days of HotLunchTray instead.

The 12 Days of Christmas PIN

Refer back to this post throughout the holiday break, starting Christmas Day, but especially on a specific day for one-day offers!

12 Days of

On the first day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the purchase posts of the year, in case you didn’t get exactly what you wanted.

What teachers need this break – this is my suggested in-case-you-didn’t-get-everything list for Christmas break.

Teacher Holiday Gifts – this was what I tried to get your parents to buy you, a good little list.

Prime Day = Teacher Day – I made a list of awesome deals from Prime Day for you.

Summer 2019 Teacher Reads 📚 – it’s a list of good teacher books, because books!

I’m Back in School – and if you are too, or are thinking about your next degree check these tools out.

On the second day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the Twitter posts, that you might refresh your Professional Learning Network (PLN) this season.

Learning in a Course versus Social Media contains my basic social media recommendations for how to learn from others; it contrasts online courses to learning on platforms like Twitter.

PLN Enrichment Framework is my most recent post, I share about a framework I discovered and stepped through myself to evaluate my use of Twitter as a PLN. And then I created a free workbook for anyone who would like to do the same – please let me know how you like the free workbook!

An infographic on Ethical Educators & Social Media which has excellent guidelines for any social media platform, but especially Twitter.

A favorite of mine is the How To: Twitter Challenge in your School/District.  I am excited to reshare this idea as I plan to combine this with the slowchat format and relaunch in this new calendar year!

I have some great list of exceptional influencers on Twitter which I have created in advance of the annual ISTE conferences.  Check out 2017, 2018, and 2019 lists especially to find great educators to follow.

On the third day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the Blended Learning posts for your rereading pleasure and a discount on my ebook on Blended Learning (watch for the tweet).  As I sorted through all of HotLunchTray’s Blended Learning posts I realized there are both excellent recent ones and the all-time all-stars:

An all-star has been one of HLT’s top posts since published and a hot Pin on Pinterest, Show Blended Learning in a Lesson Plan. Since published at the end of 2016 this post now has nearly 10,000 views.

A popular post this year was Flip Back to School; check out this interesting idea if you missed it over the summer.

I was especially proud of the Sharing Blended Learning Strategies & A Blended Learning Workflow posts this year.  Read these in tandem for both perspectives, an administrator and a teacher.  Note that the strategy posts contain the link to make a copy of my presentation.

Tech Integration vs. Blended Learning is an important post for differentiating between the two  –  easy for many to confuse.  For a deeper dive into why the difference matters check out the post where I cover why it really does matter.

Today enjoy my ebook Blended Learning Workbook at a 20% discount! For $20 download your own copy and work through the 13 pages of this workbook.

On the fourth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the educational Conferences posts, plan one today!

Professional Learning and Conferences, originally for the #edublogsclub challenge back in 2017, but it still holds the essence of how conferences are an important component to my professional learning.

Join an #EdTech Organization is an infographic, skipping ahead a day, but really these organizations hold very informative and specific conferences worth checking out.

My #ISTE19 Thrive Guide was my balance to How Not to Suck at #ISTE18, but with similarly broad strokes of my suggested approach to such a large conference.

I have really found my tribe through this post: If it isn’t about the Tech, Why go to an #EdTech Conference?

Take the advice of a seasoned conference-goer with my scheduling approach: How to Schedule a Conference.

On the fifth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the Infographic posts because there are 🎶pr—et–ty🎵.

I have updated my post Do you want to Build an Infographic? It houses a couple of my first brushes with infographic design and tools {blushes} and shows a couple of my more recent ones too ~ scroll please! This post illustrates my early attempts in and more recently in Canva and LucidPress.

Ethical Educators in Social Media is a concise infographic which is an introduction for educators just starting out on social media. {LucidPress}

Interactions in Virtual Communities infographic examines strategies for social presence in online coursework. {Canva}

The Training Versus Professional Learning infographic illustrates the nuances between the two categories and how they are inter-related. {Canva}

Check out this infographic to determine which professional organization may be right for you: Join an #EdTech Professional Organization. {Canva}

On the sixth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all my Instructional Design posts and a discount on a starter Canvas module (watch for tweet).

Enjoy the post Style Guide as a primer on instructional design for online platforms.  A well-designed experience builds and promotes patterns in learning. Learners can learn easier because the design guides them through a sequence of learning.

The most important elements of your online classroom can be predictability with this pre-structured Canvas LMS module, discounted to less than $10 for those just starting out!

3 Ways to Move Instruction Online considers the shifts of content, time, and instruction as classrooms become increasingly online.

Teachers who are not fluent in Online or Blended Learning environments struggle to imagine what their students would do online. They need a variety of sample workflows to start to picture A Blended Learning Workflow.

Consider the Instructional Design opportunity of setting the tone with a more modern syllabus: #EdTech Syllabus introduces some fresh ideas heading into a new semester or school year.

On the seventh day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the posts about #edtech certifications.

I love it when teachers promote themselves!  It is a necessity in this age of technology to gather #edtech credentials whenever/wherever possible.

Some educators are skeptics of the usefulness and appropriateness of certified educator programs, but I say Go Ahead Become a Certified Educator.

While summer is an easier time to schedule attaining teacher certifications, certifications can and should fit into an overall professional development landscape.


On the eighth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the content creation posts, that you might create with a refreshed mind and a teacher’s spirit!

A fresh calendar might call for a Style Guide for your teacher brand, if not classroom.

Considering shifting course work online? Start with a few general considerations and then dive into more specifics like:

How to use Memes in the online classroom, turn worksheets into online content, and Show Blended Learning in your Lesson Plans.

Do you own what you create for your classroom?  If you are interested in branching out as a teacherpreneur or when creating for outside the classroom you need to remain mindful of What K-12 Teachers Own.

In case your New Year’s resolution includes Instagram, first follow HotLunchTray, but second check out Your Teacher Instagram Needs Followers.

On the ninth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all my Professional Learning posts since you’re already starting to look forward to the second half of the school year with a fresh attitude of learning.

Training Versus Professional Learning is an important difference; each has it’s own purpose, place, and sequence and if you are interested in either you need to know about both.

As a reaction to another bloggers consideration if teacher should pursue #edtech certifications I wrote the post Go Ahead Become a Certified Educator.   I think you should read it and then complete your next certification!

One of my infographics is important for moving your local or state sphere of influence to the next level of professional learning, Join an #EdTech Professional Organization.

My favorite post on Professional Learning this year was based on some research I was doing for school.  I found a framework and created an interactive workbook for you to complete an analysis on one of your social media professional learning networks.  Try it for yourself: PLN Enrichment Framework.

My very next favorite thing I will offer is an extensive ebook on Professional Learning – join the mailing list for the scoop!

On the tenth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all my EdCamp posts including checklists to run an EdCamp in the New Year.

I wrote a nice series on Who to Involve In EdCamp, EdCamp SWAG & Prizes Round-up, and Jobs at EdCamp.

I also tried to explain why some educators might not enjoy EdCamp, Not everyone wants to go to #EdCamp.

I am very pleased to offer you my latest ebook, EdCamp: A Beginner’s Guide as a fee download for the month of January.  After January sign-up for HLT emails and receive this ebook and more in HLT Download Library.

On the eleventh day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you all the Blogging Challenge posts.

My Blog Challenges for Educators post gathered challenges for teacher bloggers to participate in into one post.

I started my own #8weeksofsummer blog challenge in 2018 and also ran it in 2019.   I target the hear to f the teacher summer – June and July – with prompts and link sharing between teacher blogs; I also offer a drawing of $100 Amazon gift card for a random blogger completing all the prompts.  I share the How To’s in my post I Created a Blog Challenge & You Can Too!

I recently revisited the #ETCoaches Blogging Buddies members and created a Twitter list of Blogging Buddies members; if you are interested in connecting with other teacher bloggers I suggest following this list.

On the twelfth day of Christmas HotLunchTray shares with you the free 30 Days a Blogger printable (watch for tweet), that you might start your own #edtech blog!

It’s the start of a new calendar year!
If this inspires you to start blogging as an educator I hope my printable can aid you in your mew endeavor.

I am very pleased to offer you my printable, 30 days to a Blogger as a fee download for the month of January.  After January sign-up for HLT emails and receive this printable and more in HLT Download Library.

The 12 Days of Christmas