This site is about education first and technology second.

Often teachers consider themselves not “Technology Savvy.” It is a phrase I often hear right before someone teacher-friend-divorces me or “pre-jects” a teaching solution or question. I am afraid teachers are sometimes the worst at admitting we do not know it all, even though no one expects us to know it all.

In this blog, I investigate teacher online professional learning and think out loud about designing online content, I ponder apps/applications for student use; I even review a website now and again. I look for inspiration from technology and teachers. I want to meet new people as much as new ideas through this blog.

I am interested in any better way to learn. I am looking at the entirely online to the fully face-to-face. The only way any of this is worth anything is with sound instruction. So learn along with me? Let’s embrace that we don’t know it all and learn something from each other already.

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