We have all been new at something, done something for the first time, and we know some fast tips can make the experience better for everyone involved. Technology coaching in education has an especially high learning curve because you need to be effective since time is a valuable commodity to educators.


Here are the 10 Commandments of Technology Coaching:

  1. Provide more than enough time.
    The enemy of learning is a time constraint. If the administration does not provide you with enough time truncate the training to allow for practice, questions, or review at the end and ask to come back to complete the training.
  2. Bring your own cords.
    Have power cords, extension cords, and all of the attachments to connect to a large display with you.
  3. Define goal(s) early and often in training.
    What is the goal any tool helps you to reach?
  4. Solicit contextual examples from the participants of how they might use this tool.
    But research who the audience is and come with backup ideas.
  5. Survey the audience for prior experience.
    Yes, the Principal said they were advanced, but what do the participants show you?
  6. Have several (leveled) versions of your presentation ready to go.
    When you realize this group needs more remedial/advanced content, you had better have it on hand.
  7. Smile at the people you are training.
    You want them at ease and ready to learn, ask questions, and remember the training.
  8. Yes, they have to bring their laptops.
    Seriously, ask them to go get it if they come without one.
  9. Always ask for a voluntary audience.
    But when you get compulsory attendance treat them as if they volunteered.
  10. Do not touch their screen, never touch their screen.
    Sit on your hands. They can do it! They might enjoy your faith in them.

If you think Mel Brooks was right ….

What other commandments would you add?