Ishan of EdCoogle asked me a question the other day, on what I would recommend as three edtech tools for science teachers just starting in the classroom.what are three tools every teacher needs?

Just Three #EdTech Tools

If you limit me to just three tools they will be broader than only science. Still, great edtech tools for any teacher, let alone a new teacher!


#1 – MasteryConnect for assessment: The free version allows you to create and give ten question assessments. I would have used these as tickets out the door weekly/as needed for formative assessments. The data is pretty great.
Check it out. You might be lucky and talk someone in your district into buying this!

#2 – Google Drive for efficiency: Maybe your school is a GAFE school, maybe you use your own account, but nothing comes close to the power of Google for collaboration. If you do not feel comfortable using with your students it can be a powerful teaming tool for you and colleagues. If you are a GAFE school learn more about Google Classroom and Drive right away.

#3 – Twitter for learning: For you this is your lifeline, your professional learning channel, and where people are who will help you infinitely. For your students this is a great, chunked source of learning from wonderful places like NSGS, NASA, NOAA, National Archives … get overwhelmed here:


What three would you recommend and why?