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Massive Open Online Course

Disciplinary Literacy, next level Content Literacy

For years, I’ve proudly explained my content specialities in grades 4-8 as having a strong focus on “content literacy.” Imagine my surprise during the first video in MOOC, when they explained that content literacy is an intermediary step with Disciplinary Literacy being the… Continue Reading →

What Makes this MOOC Different?

You may have signed up for a Massive Open Online Course, or a MOOC, already. And if you signed up, you may have dropped out; most people drop out of MOOCs. Some say completion rates (from sign-up to completion) are around 15%, but… Continue Reading →

Next Level Professional Learning

My affinity for the promise of the Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, is well documented. However, while enrolled with thousands of colleagues I did identify the experience as disconnected from my daily practice. I sometimes wanted to brainstorm with local… Continue Reading →

Passion Project: Personalized Professional Learning

Today #AprilBlogaDay asked what is my passion project? Before I answered, I took a look at what I really pour myself into at work and came up with personalized professional learning.   I am lucky. I am in a sweet spot… Continue Reading →

In the Mood for a MOOC? Join me for #K12BlendedLearning

You might remember that I love a good MOOC. And if you didn’t remember that, I should point out that last year I tried out five Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the first MOOC I finished was a Coursera one… Continue Reading →

Where do I Professionally Develop Myself? #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is: How am I going to update myself professionally? Specify support resources. I am glad to supply resources which have helped me develop myself. I recognize the importance of addition personalized development as… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with MinecraftEDU #MOOC

Week One Summary This is an assignment for the course Getting Started with MinecraftEDU found at the Canvas Network.  How could/should video games be incorporated into the a regular school environment? To know a young person now-a-days is to know a gamer…. Continue Reading →

Professional Development Happens

This post is part of a Link-up. For similar posts search Category Linking Up. Professional Development has happened to all of us, in a library or cafeteria, from 4:00-4:30 weekly or {insert your own sad, sad example}. While I did… Continue Reading →

The TOOL Experience #SPLS14 Presentation #eTeacherTOOL #MOOC

Georgia Virtual Learning’s 2014 Summer Professional Learning Symposium “The TOOL Experience” Presentation Presentation Notes Who am I and why did I complete the #eTeacherTOOL? I am an educator since 1998. I started teaching in elementary and ended up in middle… Continue Reading →

Navigate 2.1.3 Commercial versus Open Virtual Classrooms Quest

This post is one in a series for a MOOC. You can find similar posts searching under the Category MOOC or searching for hashtag #eteacherTOOL for more about this particular MOOC. Introduction Commercial software refers to products offered to educational institutions… Continue Reading →

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