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Prepare for School Closures

As schools either close or think about what closing would mean for them, here are some things to consider.  Schools are struggling with how their actions would impact the community.  What are the factors your school or district is considering?… Continue Reading →

Ethical Educators & Social Media

Social media has been around for a long time now.  Maybe it was around, maybe you were on social media before you were a teacher? If so, it might be check-up time to make sure you are using social media… Continue Reading →

Infographics: Checking In #AprilBlogaDay

I really like a well constructed infographic. I would probably willingly learn about anything from a cool infographic. There is a real approach you need to take when creating an infographic. Infographic Journal has collected over 5,000 of some of… Continue Reading →

Do you want to Build an Infographic?

I have a love affair with every good infographic I see. It can’t just be me, don’t you love it when you “see” the idea before someone makes you read the idea? That kind of double-enforced messaged, confirming what your audience… Continue Reading →

Make an #infographic by the end of this post – Technology Thursday

This post is linking up with Teaching Trio. You can find similar posts searching under the category Linking Up. What is an infographic and why should you want to make your own? Think USA Today’s weather section or, if you are… Continue Reading →

#infographic – what does it take to be a teacher?

This is a nice factual look at the time requirements by teachers: Created by Knewton However , if we consider the superpowers which sustain a teaching career: ever-expanding bladder sixth sense for freebies multi-tasking, no better than whatever you’re imagining that… Continue Reading →

What is Behind those Arrows in that #BlendedLearning #Infographic ?!?

This morning at the intersection of Pinterest, Infographics, and EdTech I had a moment with an infographic I know I have smiled at before. Check me here, but do you note the assuming arrows also? I think education is highly… Continue Reading →

Participate 3.1.2 Digital Resources and Netiquette Quest

This post is one in a series for a MOOC. You can find similar posts searching under the Category MOOC or searching for hashtag #eteacherTOOL for more about this particular MOOC. Sources:

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