This morning at the intersection of Pinterest, Infographics, and EdTech I had a moment with an infographic I know I have smiled at before. Check me here, but do you note the assuming arrows also?

Blended LEarning and Teaching Profession Infographic

I think education is highly susceptible to the kind of approval-inbreeding that might account for our snail’s pace to grow with the world instead of against it. I think we are quick to agree out loud and wonder to ourselves later, I think we need to ask the questions that the rest of the world asks about us… like what the heck happens behind these arrows?!?

Just shift to personalized learning

Do you have a game-show announcers voice, now’s the time to try it out: Are you being asked to do more as a teacher? Deadlines got you down? Well, if you would just switch to Personalized Learning you wouldn’t be such a worn out dud of a teacher.

Really?!? That is our answer to more demands on teachers? Asking them – with little actual guidance on how – to switch to Personalized Learning?

And haven’t teachers personalized learning before, by hand? You should come at us with more than the phrase, “tech-rich” and promises of “sustained higher pay” or “better student data” because unless there is a proven road map you are just perpetuating the same type of mealy-mouthed propaganda which those outside of education will just turn around and use against us.

I love a good infographic, but keep the stuff that just costs education in the long run, will you?