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Professional Development has happened to all of us, in a library or cafeteria, from 4:00-4:30 weekly or {insert your own sad, sad example}. While I did learn some things this way throughout my career those things included how to inconspicuously grade papers under the table, hide the work I was doing on my laptop from peers, and catching up on emails while still showing physical signs of paying attention, along with truly useful tidbits.

After a certain time in my career I decided I was in charge of my own professional learning. I tried to remain respectful of those around me whose job it was to professionally develop me, but I never asked permission or waited on them, my career is too short for that. I encourage you to evaluate if you should wait on those who provide professional development for your school to recognize your unique needs and customize your next professional learning experience or if you think you should pursue your own professional learning as well.

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I encourage you to check out the current list of educational MOOCs at Coursera and on Canvas Network right now. I encourage you to find an EdCamp near you coming up soon and sign up to attend. Both of these have revitalized me mid-career and I would help any educator get started with them.