This is a busy time of year; and so when teachers get a break, they need a real, big, fat break!

I don’t know every teacher, but teachers aren’t so different no matter where I have taught.  Teachers do not work normal work pace for these weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you had not considered that, consider everything your family is sending in or volunteering for or paying in money to have someone else do it – this is a busy time of year.  And so when teachers get a break, they need a real, big, fat break.

Teacher Break Supplies

Here are some ideas to break to:

Talk your significant other into (it won’t be hard) an Amazon Fire TV, it won’t be hard s/he has already been thinking about one; they are also easy to set up and switch between all your streaming services.  C’mon, there is TV to binge; okay if not the big TV consider the Fire Stick.  Speaking of streaming services, go ahead, purchase Disney + already, awesome content for everyone.

For the outdoors teachers who recharge on the slopes, roads, or just on the go consider the Wireless Bluetooth Knit Hat with Stereo Speakers and Microphone, I’ve already bought two.

Still shopping? Through this in your Amazon cart for you or the spouse – too cute on the cheap.

Buy them already, Buy the airpods. You know you will use them, heck buy them for your spouse and borrow them.

For all the face-to-facing this holiday season consider an instant camera.  All the fun you remember, a bit less shaking!