Thanks to everyone who participated in the #8weeksofsummer blog challenge. Bloggers, readers, and sharers of these posts.

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Take time to look through the prompts and responses from the blogging participants:

Week 1 of 8: Potential Professional Growth

Week 2 of 8: Impactful Professional Learning

Week 3 of 8: The Biggest Change

Week 4 of 8: How do you Lead/Follow?

Week 5 of 8: Summer Student Experiences

Week 6 of 8: Apply Summer PL to Classroom

Week 7 of 8: Share Favorite Strategies

Week 8 of 8: How will you Keep Reflecting?

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Educators do have a nice amount of breaks throughout the year, but none as wonderful as summer break – maybe not for the reason you think.


Hopefully, over the summer, you enjoyed some time to reflect and prepare for the school year ahead of you. Summer break is the period in the year where you are not concerned about “your (20-150) kids” in quite the same way. It is a break in owning a classroom full of students and a chance to direct your focus inward at yourself as an educator. Thank you to Jolene, Mickey, Mary, Theodora, Cindy, John, Sheri, and Lisa who all participated in this inguagural #8weeksofsummer blog challenge for teachers. I hope to read your contributions again next summer and include even more educators!

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Review of the Challenge:

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The 2018 #8weeksofsummer blog challenge was June 3 – July 29, 2018 for any education blogger. The challenge prompts educators with the opportunity for reflection. Each prompt asks them to blog about their reaction, thoughts, experiences with some facet of their professional practice.

Monthly blog page views over the blog challenge were the highest ever for June 5,458 and July 4,190+. The hashtag #8weeksofsummer has preformed particularly well over just the last 11 days of the challenge:
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