This is the #8weeksofsummer blog challenge. All educators are welcome to participate and reflect on their practice during this built-in break for refreshment and reflection.

Make sure you complete the prior week’s post and keep posting through July to enter in the drawing for a $100 USD Amazon Gift card!

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Educators do have a nice amount of breaks throughout the year, but none as wonderful as summer break – maybe not for the reason you think.


Summer break is the period in the year where you are not concerned about “your (20-150) kids” in quite the same way. It is a break in owning a classroom full of students and a chance to direct your focus inward at yourself as an educator.

The Prompt:

Impactful Professional Learning

Share the most important/impactful professional learning in which you have participated, so far.
How did it impact your practice moving forward? 

The Rules:

Have a Blog: You may blog on a traditional blog or use Facebook; anything with an independent URL for each post.

Write & Include: (1) This at the start of your post: “This post is week 2 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.” and kindly link that sentence to – the home post for this challenge. And (2) the hashtag #8weeksofsummer in any social media shares of the post.

Comment on my Prompt: Post a link to your blog in the comments of each of the 8 blog prompts in a timely fashion (We are on vacation, and you may not even know which day it is, so flexibility on this one).

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The 2018 #8weeksofsummer blog challenge runs June 3 – July 29, 2018 and is for any educator. The challenge prompts educators with opportunity of reflection. Each prompt asks them to blog about their reaction, thoughts, experiences with some facet of their professional practice.

Check June 3rd and every Sunday until July 29th for prompts.

Successful timely completion of all 8 weeks commenting/linking back/sharing via social media will result in one entry into the drawing for $100 USD Amazon Gift card July 29th.