Teachers of Instagram PIN

Teachers of Instagram

We are probably very similar, teachers usually are. We care about kids. We show that in different ways, but we all care. Together we offer a myriad of ways for students to learn. We help families explore how each child learns best.

To know a teacher in a face-to-face way is to see deeply into those differences. And that is revealing. I have grown as much from teaching with those who are different from me as those who have much in common with me.

I enjoy connecting with other teachers on Instagram. My favorite hashtags are #teachertribe #teacherblogger #teacherbloggers and others you can find on my posts about school. Instagram is more visual in nature than Twitter, and although I go to Twitter to get some deep thoughts, I find myself going to Instagram to see some upbeat photos about other teachers and their teaching lives. When I make fun graphics for Instagram I feel more positive. When I focus on that I can see the joy in my job, all around me. It is very cathartic.

So I have decided that I will create these graphics and share them not only via Instagram but on a Pinterest board as well. If you want to contribute to this board let me know, the more the merrier! Which is never truer than on Instagram it turns out!

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