Entrepreneurs and educators do not always overlap. The nature of an educational career is predictable, and often a long sail on a ship, which if it turns, turns slowly. Not the environment you think of for an entrepreneur.
However, when entrepreneurs are also educators it is ideal; they are never very far from their most authentic audience. Do you want to know how to become a teacherpreneur?

Smart entrepreneurs keep close relationships between themselves and the end users of any educational product – the students. One of the most prolific #edtech gurus, recently announced he was going back into the classroom – clever fellow – he has direct access to an authentic audience. How many other educators out there have a built-in audience of end users of any educational product? Oh, just anyone in a classroom. You can be a teacherpreneur!

The opportunity is well documented and you should take the time to read through these List.ly articles, after you read this post that is…

How Can a Classroom Teacher be a Teacherpreneur?

Write Content

Teachers create content all. the. time. Why not write your next batch of content to sell?
We can take items which are not work product {Related: What do K12 Teachers Own?} and shop them around for an appropriate audience – or we can find the companies paying for content and write content for them. I mean, summer’s short, aim for the latter.

Here are some companies to check out, especially if you are familiar with the company, let’s see if we can get you paid:

Nearpod: https://nearpod.com/authors
cK12 blog: https://www.ck12info.org/blog/
Kyte Learning: https://creator.kytelearning.com/ 
EdTechReview blog: https://edtechreview.in/contribute/write-for-us-edtechreview

Edtech companies often cycle through offering positions for content writers, proofreaders, or other content creation positions. Have a resume specifically geared toward creating content for hire and start sharing that resume with companies you are a good fit with around April for the coming summer months.

TeachersPayTeachers is the current standard for the free market economy of buying and selling instructional materials. However, there are drawbacks such as an inconsistent paycheck. But if you think your products would fill a niche, it is always worth a try.
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Be A Trainer

Offer to train people in what you are an expert in! What does your Principal, or your school, or your district always ask you to present on? What have you presented at conferences that gets people excited? Does your school or districts have any programs you excel at; find the vendor and ask about summer work!

If you already have a blog consider adding a course for your readership. You can use a service like Mailchimp for an email-based course or consider a plug-in if you have a WordPress blog like LearnDash or CoursePress (read more here).

Summer Hustle

There are some traditional teaching roles and other which are more temporary worker status, but WeAreTeachers has a nice list of current opportunities.

Think more independently minded and freelance your work on sites like Fiverr or UpWork. Or connect with other professionals consulting and offer to work for them to learn the Consultant hustle and then strike out on your own!

You can always just teach some more too. Usually, districts hire summer school for onsite, or states may have virtual school openings, if nothing else check out this list of online teaching gigs.


A Teacherpreneur is no more a great-rich-quick scheme than becoming a teacher. But you are already primed to be an excellent teacherpreneur if you are a teacher. And that additional income would be easier gained in these pursuits by a teacher than anyone else.

Good Luck this coming Summer!