It seems every blog I read for specific content also wants to talk to about blogging. Maybe I am just another one of those…

blog challenges for educators

Blog challenges have helped me write when I was out of ideas, focused me back on education, and introduced me to new people and their blogs. I want to share with you some blog challenges which worked for me as an educator – I hope they work for you as well!

BLOGAMONTH July 2016 Ongoing – #BlogaMonth Sign up at list your blog and return once a month to get the topic and share your post.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge so far.

 edublogsclub-1 January 2017 #EduBlogsClub takes a different approach,  sign up for prompts which emailed weekly. The main trust factor is that Edublogs is a huge and trusted name in the educational community.
This is where much of my commenting is going during the (following) 30 Days of Blogging Challenge.Here is a list of my posts for this challenge so far.
30 Days of Blogging Challenge January 2017 30 Days of Blogging
What is unique about this challenge is the focus is to write daily, not just post, for 30 days. This fits better into the variety of posting lengths, depths, and styles of a wider variety of bloggers.This challenge has contributed to all my commenting, writing, and publishing for January 2017.
EdTechCoaches Blogging Challenge September 2016, but hopefully this can become a yearly jump-start for #ETCoaches bloggers. Click the image for a link to the Google sheet which contains prompts and the posts shared in this challenge.

This International Society for Technology Educators, ISTE, Professional Learning Network (PLN) for EdTech Coaches which tweets at #ETCoaches runs several Do-It-Yourself professional Learning opportunities throughout the year.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge so far.

January/February 2015, periodically resurfaces #ReflectiveTeacher

Here are the TeachThought January 2015 Blog Challenge and TeachThought February Blog Challenge which I participated in. on the sidebar of this wiki are other challenges from TeachThought.

Currently you can use this asynchronous list for a self-directed 30 day blogging challenge.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge

This is a Facebook group started by Akevy Greenblatt. I still share my posts long after my 30 days as it is a supportive group for educational bloggers.
If you are interested in my experience, check out this post.
#AprilBlogaDay Challenge Review EdBlogADay is a Google Plus group started by @ChrisCrouch. I still share some of my posts to this Google PLus group. And I still remain optimistic that this group will experience a revival!
If you are interested in my experience check out my review of the experience.Here is a list of my posts for this challenge.
EduBlogs Teacher Challenge Edublogs is an educational version of WordPress. And to encourage blogging amongst educators (alongside students) they offer an asynchronous blogging challenge.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge.

MOOCs in general are great places to gather topics about which to write. Many MOOCs require blog posts, which is perfect.

These are time sensitive as most are synchronous courses.


#BlendKit2014 was a great opportunity for me to learn more about University of Central Florida’s Center for Distributed Learning and the BlendKit course.  Since 2014 there have been improvements and a new opportunity for an improved experience and credentialing via a partnership with EduCause. Check out the 2017 course, starting February 27th and pay $89 for a portfolio review of your work.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge.


#K12BlendedLearning was so good I completed it twice! March 2014 and March 2015 I stepped through the Coursera course by Kennesaw State University. It was the first course I knew of that provided me with seat-time credit for online work to my state credentialing institution (recently newly legislated unnecessary). Here is my review after taking the course the first time.

After the first time around, I was so passionate about this course I was ecstatic to know they were thinking of offering a second round the following year and lobbied to move a group of district participants through together. {Here is my first post about what I planned to do…and… Here is my 2nd review of that process}

MOOC Series #eTeacherTOOL This particular MOOC really revived my blog from December 2013+. I had 47 blog posts in pursuit of completing this MOOC. Successful completers of this coursework may apply to at Georgia Virtual School.

This MOOC is ongoing, so anyone can start at any time. Here was my post upon completion. Recently, the Georgia Virtual Learning indicated they are moving to a new platform:

Hi, Teaching Online Open Learning (TOOL) users.

Georgia Virtual Learning is in the process of transitioning from its current WordPress platform for housing TOOL and the Effective Online Teaching (EOT) course. Our professional learning courses will soon be offered through a new user-friendly, robust system. Additional courses in addition to the five modules in the EOT are under development.

What does this mean to you?

If you completed one, two, or all modules of the EOT course (self-awarded and/or verified version), the record of your completion will be added to the new system. If you are still working in the EOT course, we encourage you to finish the module you are currently completing (Participate, Navigate, Communicate, Create, or Evaluate) by February 3rd and then wait to complete the remaining module(s) after access is granted to the new system on February 13th.

Only the badge completion data will be transferred from the current system to the new one. The content in the EOT course has been revised in the new system, so that you will be able to pick up at the beginning of any modules that you have left to complete in order to earn the Effective Online Teaching badge (self-awarded and/or verified version).

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we make this change to provide additional professional learning opportunities in the future. Instructions for logging into the new system will be sent to you on February 13th.

Teaching Online Open Learning by Georgia Virtual Learning

Read my review of the #eTeacherTOOL experience.

Here is a list of my posts for this challenge.

What educator blogging challenges can you add to this list?