…a 1,000 views? Well, maybe not quite 1,000. But, pictures or images are an important facet of any blog post.

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Images serve a few functions on my blog. Sometimes they inspire, or help me refine my focus for a post. They promote my post to potential readers via social media. And they can clarify the content to my readers.

Here is a roundup of my favorite blog posts about creating for and sharing images from blog posts…

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#EdublogsClub Round-up of Image Creation Posts

For the 2017 #EdublogsClub Blogging Challenge

Jan 24, 2017 - hotlunchtray.com - 1
Hey…it’s your hard drive. Can we talk? | Hot Lunch Tray

Do you need a strategy for your Project 365? How about just a strategy for all those pictures of your kids? Here is one way to manage!

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Current Tools, Problems, & Successes #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 3 | Hot Lunch Tray

Different educators like seeing an educational technology coach for different reasons. Some people want to share new tools and tips with you/you with them, some people have problems they are trying to overcome, Some people have successes to share with you. Sometimes educational technology coaches like seeing different people for different reasons too! There are days when I forum-shop and seek people out for that positive reinforcement or I want to hear a cool new idea that I didn’t have to come up with myself.

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EDU Graphic Design | Hot Lunch Tray

Current K12 teachers didn't go to college for online course design in online/blended content. Follow along and learn easy ways to EDU graphic design.

Jan 24, 2017 - pinchofyum.com - 2
How to Hide an Image in a WordPress Post - Pinch of Yum

How to create a long Pinterest style image and then hide it in a WordPress post so it only shows up when pinned.

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Color Me Happy - Technology Thursday | Hot Lunch Tray

If you have wondered about making your own images for your digital classroom creations your first task is to find a (free) user-friendly tool. I have had success with both Powerpoint and PicMonkey. I identified right away that I lacked a way to generate multiple professional color palettes. Yes, Powerpoint comes with set palettes, but they are somewhat recognizable. My Pinterest board: Color Me Happy is where I collect color palettes, but how could I get those colors into an image editing tool?

Jan 24, 2017 - hotlunchtray.com - 1
Do you want to Build an Infographic? | Hot Lunch Tray

I have a love affair with every good infographic I see. It can’t just be me, don’t you love it when you “see” the idea before someone makes you read the idea? That kind of double-enforced messaged, confirming what your audience thought all along – brilliant!

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Edublogs Teacher Challenge: Steps 5 & 6 | Hot Lunch Tray

Step 1: Setting up your blog
Step 2: Setting Up Pages
Step 3: Publish your first posts
Step 4: Connecting with others
Step 5: Working with Widgets
Step 6: Images, copyright and Creative Commons
Step 7: Cool tools to embed
Step 8: All about video

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Creating Images & Sharing Online | Hot Lunch Tray

What are you saying with your social media pictures? How are you creating images? Let's consider what your social media posts can convey.