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Becoming A Blended Learning Designer #BlendKit2014 Week 5

Becoming A Blended Learning Designer: Week Five Chapter Five This is the final week in this MOOC and I have enjoyed the readings the most of all. I think going back over the materials I may find more when I… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Blended Learning Designer #BlendKit2014 Week 3

Reaction to Reading Chapter Three BlendKit Chapter Three was this week’s Blended Learning Toolkit reading. For the most part it revolved around online assessments.  Many of these questions are not unique to online at all, but do deserve a revision… Continue Reading →

What is your Blend? Becoming a Blended Learning Designer #BlendKit2014 Week 1

Looks like it is time for a new MOOC. I am starting #BlendKit2014 offered through Canvas Network by University of Central Florida and Educause. I have finished the last two MOOCs I have started and am optimistic about this 6… Continue Reading →

Blog Challenges for Educators

It seems every blog I read for specific content also wants to talk to about blogging. Maybe I am just another one of those… Blog challenges have helped me write when I was out of ideas, focused me back on… Continue Reading →

In the Mood for a MOOC? Join me for #K12BlendedLearning

You might remember that I love a good MOOC. And if you didn’t remember that, I should point out that last year I tried out five Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the first MOOC I finished was a Coursera one… Continue Reading →

Where do I Professionally Develop Myself? #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is: How am I going to update myself professionally? Specify support resources. I am glad to supply resources which have helped me develop myself. I recognize the importance of addition personalized development as… Continue Reading →

#MOOC Two in the Books

I just completed a second MOOC, Georgia Virtual Learning’s TOOL. Many of my blog posts for this course can be searched for using the #eteacherTOOL hashtag in this blog. I found this course interesting as new teachers to the state… Continue Reading →

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