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But for now, this is “Pre-Season #blogamonth.


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my blogging buddies which have posted recently: JP PrezzaventoTara Waudby, and Erin Gerdes, and made a comment.

An Open Letter To Teachers From Your Students

Is a combination of student’s responses neatly arranged as a letter from students to teachers. My favorite phrase is “You need to earn our respect just like we need to earn yours.” I think kas much as technology has evolved into a student expectation, so has a different relationship between teacher and student. Nice post JP!


Tara writes a nice piece about how she created and uses an infographic at home during the summer with her young child. I was inspired (and still am) to do something similar with my boys. However, I was also inspired to think about training teachers. How I might use an infographic differently than I had been in the past? This stoked my creative fires at work resulting in an infographic to report out results from a recent training. Thanks for the inspiration!


Erin shares about her recent state conference TCEA Tots & Tech (cute name) and how she cements relationships she makes in advance of conferences. When I think about how I started my teaching career this is such a wonderful journey we are on; we find our kindred spirits *before* we actually meet them. Teacher conferences in the golden age of social media are so much more powerful and are a chance to further a relationship with someone you have not met face-to-face YET. We are so fortunate!


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When you are ready to blog, check out my post Blog Challenges for Educators.

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