Beginners Guide to Starting a Local Edcamp

This post is third in the series The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Local Edcamp. Check out all posts in the series: Who to Involve in Edcamp, Edcamp SWAG & Door Prizes Round-up, and Jobs at an Edcamp.

The Beginners Guide to Starting a Local Edcamp BANNER

Jobs at Edcamp

You may not have paid close attention attending an Edcamp to take note of all the jobs happening the day of an Edcamp, let alone guess at the jobs required to get to that day. So you are going to need  a list of Edcamp jobs to start.

There is more preparation the more intricate you want your Edcamp to be. Before deciding on elements to include at your Edcamp, consider the jobs which are necessary behind the scenes to accomplish those things and if you have the personnel to create such an Edcamp.

Remember, you can always upgrade your Edcamp each year!

Jobs to do at an Edcamp

Pick a Job

Hopefully, all volunteers work on something of interest, that they are good at, but that is ideally. However, I doubt anyone is passionate about every job which will need to be completed the day of Edcamp; use a list and sign ups to help get all jobs done.

Pointedly ask for help setting up, during the Edcamp, and cleaning up. People may not want to impose on you by asking the organizer – so ask them first and often!

Redundancy is Key

Each job should have more than one person assigned to it. Redundancy will save the day when people fall ill, children need to go to the doctor, or someone just plain overslept. As an organizer, you need to know a little bit about each job to pitch in wherever needed.

Please use this Google Document and tailor it to your Edcamp. It has a place to add people, for them to add themselves to see where you may need more help preparing the day before or executing well the day of.



What have you learned being involved in an Edcamp in any way?