Thanks to everyone who participated in the #8weeksofsummer blog challenge, bloggers, readers, and sharers of these posts!

Today is the drawing for the $100 USD Amazon Gift Card; those who participated in each post are eligible.

Take time to look through the prompts and responses from the blogging participants:

Week 1 Prompt: What are your professional learning goals this summer?

Week 2 Prompt: What has contributed to the educator you are today?

Week 3 Prompt: How are you both a leader and a follower in your career?

Week 4 Prompt: What are optimal conditions in which to learn, for you, and for students?

Week 5 Prompt: What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal for next school year?

Week 6 Prompt: How are you planning to implement change next school year?

Week 7 Prompt: Check-in on where you are in your summer learning journey and your overall professional journey.

Week 8 Prompt What will you keep from the #8WeekofSummer Blog Challenge moving forward?

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Hopefully, over the summer, you enjoyed some time to reflect and prepare for the school year ahead of you. Summer break is the period in the year where you are not concerned about “your (20-150) kids” in quite the same way. It is a break in owning a classroom full of students and a chance to direct your focus inward at yourself as an educator. Thank you to Joy, Melissa, Sheri, Peter, Amber, Tracy, Theodora, Angela, Kristen, Denise, Susan, Eva, Gregory, George, Farley, and Kelly! All the participants in the second annual #8weeksofsummer blog challenge for teachers added to our knowledge and understanding of our unique craft. I hope to read your contributions again next summer and include even more educators!