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Views Expressed are NOT Just My Own

I understand why some of my peers add the statement to their Twitter accounts, “views expressed are my own.” If your Twitter acct states: “views expressed are my own” I want to challenge you in a friendly edu-sort of way…. Continue Reading →

Top Ten Professional Learning Posts

Last year at this time I made a list of my Top Ten Professional Learning posts, so far. I think it is time to update for the current year as we all start back to school. Let me know if… Continue Reading →


Your PLN is your Professional Learning Network, your PLN is also your Personal Learning Network. The two terms are often used interchangeably. After a professional conversation recently I am now considering never doing that again. The discussion centered around the future of professional… Continue Reading →

Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Bushel

Everyone has Something to Share The expansion of social media is meaningful. People want to share with each other and people want others to share with them. Whatever your topic, if you are sharing digitally you may as well share… Continue Reading →

#EdTech Tools for Any Teacher

Ishan of EdCoogle asked me a question the other day, on what I would recommend as three edtech tools for science teachers just starting in the classroom. Just Three #EdTech Tools If you limit me to just three tools they will be… Continue Reading →

The 10 Commandments of Technology Coaching

We have all been new at something, done something for the first time, and we know some fast tips can make the experience better for everyone involved. Technology coaching in education has an especially high learning curve because you need to be… Continue Reading →

Features of Successful Online Learning Environments

Features of Successful Online Learning Environments No matter whether examining your personal learning network, PLN, or a learning management system, LMS, the online learning environment probably has these features if it is successful. Consider the features of any successful online learning environment … Click To… Continue Reading →

Customer Service in Education #EdBlogaDay

At the time of year when our thoughts turn to “next year,” it is important to agree everyone needs to acknowledge who the customer of education is. But it is not easy to identify who everyone thinks that customer should be. Who is… Continue Reading →

Teach like it is the end of the year – all year long

5/11 #BFC530 led me to a question – why don’t we teach like it is the end of the year all year-long? We are trying to keep the attention of students, want to try out potentially more engaging practices, and… Continue Reading →

EMAIL Hacks: Teacher Efficiency

Chances are you are still thinking about an email from work. Email sure is pervasive, isn’t it? At the risk of bringing up the topic, let us talk about how to manage email instead of it managing us. Unless you were already… Continue Reading →

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