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When your worst year in education ends…

I want all teachers to have long enough careers to see the fruits of their labor. I feel so sad when someone moves out of education before s/he gets to experience a student coming back to visit them with the proof that… Continue Reading →

If I didn’t record it, does it still count?

As I stepped onto the college campus for a walk, I realized I left my fitness band on the charger. Do you know this feeling? Why am I doing this if it doesn’t even count? We didn’t used to think such things…. Continue Reading →

Over Invested

I am trapped I wanted to be part of the group for lunch, but now I am 20 minutes in to a 60 minute presentation. My investment exceeded my pay off as soon as I was done with my sandwich. My… Continue Reading →

Spring Break

There are really only three possible ways to spend pre-Spring Break: Acquiescence to Lethargy Actually plan instruction for the days leading up to the holiday which are purposefully not instructive so that you do not have to teach the same… Continue Reading →

Educational Accounting

No one would have worried about me coming around to the notions of Accounting when I took my first class in balancing a spreadsheet in my Junior year of High School. However, I am struck by the similar place I… Continue Reading →

Why you haven’t Resigned from Teaching

How many does this make? I may be intentionally not keeping track, but here is the latest viral resignation post by a teacher. When I read these I understand more facets of the argument than I am proud of. I… Continue Reading →

When you meet your future and you don’t recognize it

Today is the day Marty from Back to the Future traveled to… You Won’t Believe All The Stuff Back To The Future Got RightBasically, everything ‘Back To The Future II’ predicted came true Posted by NowThis Entertainment on Monday, October… Continue Reading →

I don’t want to be an Innovator

Don’t get me wrong my iPhone is great. Thanks Steve. However, the innovator-worship is out of control. Mother Teresa was an innovator too, but you never saw her in her New Balance and jeans on a stage collecting your admiration. I… Continue Reading →

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