I am trapped

I wanted to be part of the group for lunch, but now I am 20 minutes in to a 60 minute presentation. My investment exceeded my pay off as soon as I was done with my sandwich.Over Invested
My employer already has a similar product. Because I am not excited about the content, I am now noticing the presenter’s skills/tendencies of the presenter.
I am trapped in the vendor lunch; over-invested and under-interested.

You can identify

Can you identify with this feeling of frustration? Do you want to invent reasons to get up and walk around? Visit the restroom out of boredom. You still want to observe the conventions of polite society, but suddenly the time you are investing in a meeting, a call, a … class, seems like too much to ask for what you are expecting to get out of it.

What about students

What about our students? Those that come already knowing what the teacher is teaching that day? Not interested in the non-applicable content? Not ready to receive any learning emotionally?

What can we change to make sure we still ask for an investment – of time, effort, participation – from our students, but also make sure their investment pays off for them?