The last time I made a list of the first updates to a new computer was at the end of 2011.

I remembered to jot down some notes today when I changed out laptops and thought it interesting to compare what I did then to what I did today.

  1. Physical set-up of different stations. Monitors, new dock, wireless keyboard/mouse, cameras, and headphones.
  2. Wireless projection software
  3. Browsers: unpin Edge/IE from task bar, add Chrome and Firefox to taskbar.
  4. Delete unnecessary short cuts on desktop.
  5. Make Chrome my primary browser.
  6. Sign into my personal Chrome browser.
  7. Install Dropbox, but do not sync folders.
  8. Set-up Outlook
  9. Create email signature
  10. Set-up printer

Bonus: various webinar downloads

I still have a preference for browsers which continue to update and I have moved closer to cloud storage (even though I must remember to clean my desktop periodically).

I am less tethered to my physical machine. When changing machines it is more about the portability of the machine and how the machine functions in all the different places I take it. It used to be able transferring software, but I have moved proprietary softwares onto a desktop anchored in the office. I feel like I am moving closer selecting devices for specific purposes and not expecting one machine to serve all my needs.

How are you doing when your laptop refreshes?