There are really only three possible ways to spend pre-Spring Break:
  • Acquiescence to Lethargy
    Actually plan instruction for the days leading up to the holiday which are purposefully not instructive so that you do not have to teach the same thing again after break. A sad shadow of a classroom where you face the slow trickle of student check-outs culminating in an audible sigh for all in the classroom when the last bell rings.
  • Strong-arming Students about Due Dates
    Why do we not even bother, make pre-excuses for pre-holiday laziness? Why do we not tell parents that checking out the day before a holiday is not okay that the holiday begins on the holiday and their student will miss something?!?
  • School Assemblies
    If or when all else fails, consider moving your disorderly students and/or teachers into the Gymnasium where their rowdy behavior is more acceptable or at least masked by the masses.
Which Means our Spring Break needs to be The Exact Opposite
  • Fulfill plans, if not traveling makes plans for activities to relax and stimulate and fulfill them
    Do not just pass the time, but fill the time with experiences which you can reflect back upon.
  • Initiate a healthy routine for yourself
    Invest in a self-care strategy with exercise, diet, or meditation.
  • Intentional Relaxation
    Some have to schedule relaxation, but however you accomplish it try to take a nap outside, read a book for fun, or spend time with a friend laughing.

Why do we feel such relief ourselves at a week off? Do we always work backward from any deadline or break in the calendar and try to squeeze as much in as possible up to that deadline?
How hard are we being pushed? And who is pushing us?

So when we Return from Spring Break...

By taking our break seriously, we can be measured in our interactions with our students.

What are we intentionally/unintentionally promoting as expected behavior around school holidays? School leadership can influence this by working with parents and teachers to make sure work is still happening by offering other ways of completing and turning in work. A blended classroom can easily transition to a fully online classroom for some students a few days a year.

We can guide them through the rest of the school year, right up tot he next week before school is out for the year….

Spring Break