If I Didn't Record it, Did It Happen?

does it still count? Fitness BandsAs I stepped onto the college campus for a walk, I realized I left my fitness band on the charger.
Do you know this feeling?

Why am I doing this if it doesn’t even count?

We didn’t used to think such things. Of course it counts. Things don’t only count when you can share them.

does it still count? FourSquare Swarm

I recently deleted the Swarm or FourSquare app from my phone. I had been compulsively “Checking In” everywhere I stopped my car – maybe even visited the Drive Thru lane. It was gamified – not to brag, but I was the “Major” of several prominent businesses. Many of whom did not know me… but I was giving away demographic and geo-location data to..for the chance at a digital sticker. I was behaving slightly better than my ill-disciplined dogs, but only barely. I had my phone out too often in the car before I even got out of the car. Since I have stopped using the app it feels quite mature even sophisticated to not compulsively check-in at every.single.address.

does it still count? Facebook InstagramAnd some of the more traditional social medias are a bit arms-racish. Spoiler Alert: It feels like some on Facebook and/or Instagram might be showing off. Somethings might not be a good idea to share: that you are way out-of-town, your child’s bare bottom, and some rather dicey life/Friday night choices. Yet people go on and on. They check-in from Vegas. They hashtag the heck out of some images where not even a filter can hide what’s going on in that picture. And they over-share their children, who are the only ones without a say. Guilty as charged – me too – until I took my sharing habits to a blog where I am only subjecting willing family members who purposefully go there for my kiddo’s bottoms.

Friend-to-friend, everything you do matters. Not just if it was recorded, shared, commented on, hashtagged near to death.

Do you practice some similar, ill-conceived digital practices?

If I didn't record it, did It happen