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Infographics: Checking In #AprilBlogaDay

I really like a well constructed infographic. I would probably willingly learn about anything from a cool infographic. There is a real approach you need to take when creating an infographic. Infographic Journal has collected over 5,000 of some of… Continue Reading →

Your Current Mentor #AprilBlogaDay meets #BFC530

One of my new favorite Twitter chats is #BFC530. It has a positive slant and happens at 5:30 each weekday by give one question 15 minutes of attention. This morning the question from @BFC530 had me bubbling over with praise for some… Continue Reading →

What am I Reading #AprilBlogaDay?

Participating in #AprilBlogaDay I have been cleaning out my draft posts so far, but today’s topic: What are you reading, either professionally or personally? Why? caught my interest. I have a really interesting book I am working my way through…. Continue Reading →

Link-up: End of Year Countdown #AprilBlogaDay #BlogAMonth

It is easy to countdown to the school year’s end, but it is a challenge to stay focused on school and teach/learn through the end. Through out the next few months it is my top priority to get as many… Continue Reading →

Revision Needed: Educational “Experts”

Many people in Africa never had land line phones, and they never will. By the time large-scale telephone services were in demand the technology had already advanced enough enabling African countries to leapfrog over the old technology of copper wires to wireless… Continue Reading →

What if there isn’t one right way?

Lately I have been in search of the one way to do things. Not necessarily related items, but the common question people are asking is how to do these things. As in, what are the exact steps to follow? I… Continue Reading →

Next stop #ISTE2014 … but first let me take a selfie

I am looking forward to ISTE 2014 in Atlanta! I have done some serious prep work which is different than other years. I put in a serious bit of work on creating an online module for ISTE newbies in my… Continue Reading →

How Deeply are you Thinking about Your Practice?

I average… 8.4 tweets per day (tpd*) (images) 30% retweets       *did you even know that was a thing? “tpd” it is now. 5.4 blog posts per month Mostly under (self-induced) pressure of MOOCs lately Concentrating on… Continue Reading →

Closer to True Professional Learning for Educators – What do you Think?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I hope the gift cards are freely flowing and the homemade treats are fingerprint free. As a nice “treat” in my Inbox today there was a nice post from An Estuary that reassures me our profession is moving in… Continue Reading →

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