It is easy to countdown to the school year’s end, but it is a challenge to stay focused on school and teach/learn through the end.

Through out the next few months it is my top priority to get as many teachers and students experienced in the new Learning Management System (LMS) as possible. My work group is also trying to work with schools who do not have a deep LMS technical support team to level-up their on-site team this summer. Both of those things should give familiarity to new offerings next year through our LMS and maybe invite teachers to offer more courses through this relatively new product.

Students leave my district May 27th and teachers May 29th. That is when a different kind of work begins for me. I no longer support teachers directly, but plan for future support. I can prepare online modules/courses for teachers over the summer and into the next school year. I can evaluate trainings our department offered throughout the year and look for areas to improve offerings for the next year.

I am especially looking forward to uninterrupted time to create course content. It just takes me some time to work into the creative flow of content creation and 1-2 hours is not enough, I really want 4-5 hours to feel like I have produced worthwhile content. Luckily for me our schedules are often spread out over the summer and we work on our own for the most part. This should help narrow my focus and allow me to get great chunks of work done!

As part of April’s Blog A Month Challenge let’s take a look at these three questions together. If you would like to link-up your posts below, include a countdown and answer these three questions:

1. As we draw closer to the end of the year, what are the most important things you are focusing on with your students, staff, parents and/or community?
2. How are you making the most of your time and focusing on what matters most?
3. How are you utilizing the time you are given?

Include #BlogAMonth in your title, post to Social Media with #BlogAMonth, and add your blog link below!


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