I understand why some of my peers add the statement to their Twitter accounts, “views expressed are my own.”

Do mean that you do not stand by your views if they conflict with your employer?

  • Is it that you do not want to conflict with your employer, or do not want to publicly conflict with your employer?
  • You obviously have respect for the authority of your employer. Do they hold the same respect for you?
  • Could your Twitter account be used against you?

Do you think your followers think you and your employer always share the same goals?

  • Is it okay for you to have different goals than your employer?
  • How would your employer react to your differing goals?
  • What level of healthy disagreement is going on in the face-to-face realm at work?

Do you mean that you do not stand by your views if they offend your followers?

  • Is that statement a way to keep potentially antagonistic exchanges away? A way to keep it light?
  • Do you send Direct Messages which are more direct that what you tweet?
  • Do you follow back those who challenge you on Twitter or stick to those who agree with you?

I am as careful not to be inflammatory, mix in politics or other topics unnecessarily divisive; but my Twitter account is squarely at the intersection between my various employers and my professional identity. If you would rather follow my former/current employers that is cool, but if you follow me you will get the whole package: professionalism crossed with real questions and faux pas mixed with edu-truths.

What is prompting your statement?

Do you really think other educators do not agree with your views or just your employer?

Why will/will not you continue to use that statement?