It is time for the 2023 #8weeksofsummer Blog Challenge! Educators will never be the same after the COVID pandemic that forced many educators to teach with technology, many for the first time. Time and technology stand still for no one. The newest disruptive technologies are large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT. This summer we dedicate our #8weeksofsummer blog challenge to encouraging bloggers and readers of blogs to explore what we know, want to know, and need to know about Artificial Intelligence in education.

2023 #8weeksofsummer blog challenge runs June 5 – July 30, 2023, and is for any educator. The challenge prompts educators with an opportunity for deep, written reflection. Each prompt asks them to blog about their reaction, thoughts, or experiences with some facet of their professional practice.


Expect the first prompt to post on HotLunchTray June 5th,
see the 2018 challenge prompts, 2019 challenge prompts, 2020 challenge prompts, & 2021 challenge prompts.

Check on June 5th and every Monday until July 24th for prompts. Any educator can participate in the 8-week summer blog challenge by:

  1. Write a blog post for each weekly prompt at
  2. Include the hashtag in your blog title, link to the weekly HotLunchTray post in your weekly blog post, and use the #8weeksofsummer weekly image in your post.
  3. Comment on HotLunchTray’s weekly post with a link to your blog.
  4. Share your weekly blog posts on social media with the #8weeksofsummer hashtag.

Successful completion of all 8 weeks will result in one entry into the drawing for a USD 100 Amazon Gift card after July 31st.


Introduction Post 2023 #8WeeksOfSummer Blog Challenge

Week 1: Artificial Intelligence in the form of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT appears to trouble some educators or educational institutions.
Share your perspective of the perceived threat.

Week 2:  Based on what you know about artificial intelligence or a specific LLM program what is an acceptable entry point for K-12 or Higher Education use?

Week 3: How do you plan to address the concern of plagiarism that surrounds ChatGPT and similar tools?

Week 4: What teacher tasks would you try with an LLM or image artificial intelligence?

Week 5: What tasks would you allow/encourage your students to try with an LLM or image artificial intelligence?

Week 6: What LLM or AI Imaging tool prompts have you used, researched, or plan to use?

Week 7: Sell It! What Teachers and Students can do that ChaptGPT cannot!

Week 8: How can we make the case for not/unblocking ChatGPT and similar tools?