Today the #8weeksofsummer blog challenge concludes and the $100 USD Amazon Gift Card is awarded; those who participated in each post are eligible. While it is overdue, no educator should be surprised. This school year will be the longest, strangest educational journey. The spring, this summer, the fall will require so much determination. If anyone can do this, a teacher can.

Take time to look through the prompts and responses from the blogging participants:

Week 1 Prompt: What is your personal takeaway from #RemoteLearning?

Week 2 Prompt: How are you recharging this summer?

Week 3 Prompt: What insights do you have about your students after #RemoteLearning?

Week 4 Prompt: How do/will you address implicit bias at your school?

Week 5 Prompt: What technologies enhanced/reduced your effectiveness this past spring?

Week 6 Prompt: Share your current professional goals.

Week 7 Prompt: Describe your mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities from last spring/will provide this fall?

Week 8 Prompt: How is your school/district operating differently this year?


This summer was about resting up for the unknowable this fall. The responses from this summer were excellent; take time to visit and connect with these educational blogs within this challenge. Thank you to Theodora, Denise, Susan, and Robbie! All the participants in the third annual #8weeksofsummer blog challenge for teachers added to our knowledge and understanding of our craft in these extraordinary times.

I hope to read your contributions again next summer and include even more educators!


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