The 2021 #8weeksofsummer blog challenge concluded at the end of August. {Apologizes for the delay in posting}
Now it is time to award the $100 USD Amazon Gift Card; those who participated in all 8 posts are eligible. Last year we were preparing for the most unique ever, but it seems here we are again. Luckily, no one is as resilient as a teacher.

Take time to look through the prompts and responses from the blogging participants:

Week 1 Prompt: Describe relationships with those you taught this year.

Week 2 Prompt: Describe your peer collaboration this year.

Week 3 Prompt: Describe new or additional supports your learners needed this year.

Week 4 Prompt: Describe new tools you discovered or mastered this year.

Week 5 Prompt: Describe what improved or challenged communication this year.

Week 6 Prompt: What will you Keep/Lose/Try this coming school year?

Week 7 Prompt: What specific professional development do you need for next school year?

Week 8 Prompt: Share new knowledge/skills/attitudes you gained this past year. 


This summer was about resting up for the unknowable this fall. The responses from this summer were excellent; take time to visit and connect with these educational blogs within this challenge. Thank you to Denise, Theodora, Robbie, Susan, Amy, Sarah, Anthony, and Karen! All the participants in the fourth annual #8weeksofsummer blog challenge for teachers added to our knowledge and understanding of our craft in these extraordinary times.

I hope to read your contributions again next summer and include even more educators!