Armies of traditional face to face teachers just taught their first full semester of courses online. And for those who thought they were imposters, they just proved themselves wrong.

Teachers have all undergone a transformation without precedent {Related: The End of Unprecedented Times} – at the same time. It is understandable to imagine being an imposter, but consider all that any teacher has accomplished in the first semester of the 20-21 school year! However, you aren’t an imposter.

Once Again, Teachers Delivered

The social safety net is alive and well in public schools. We used to concentrate on winter jackets and free meals, but teachers have branched out to include social-emotional wellness and providing hygiene lessons and masks to your children. 

With the prospect of teaching remote and online – or even at the same time as face-to-face – teachers stepped up again. While politicians talked more than helped, teachers made it work. You’re welcome. So while each teacher feels the loss of face-to-face teaching and learning, we still made content available, covered standards, and support our students in a wide variety of situations. You aren’t an imposter

Progress over Perfection

There wasn’t really a ready-made roadmap for a semester or school year to roll online. There were many adjustments in the first month. Consider how teachers accommodated for students changing back and forth between face-to-face and online. Consider how teachers figured out how to teach things online which had always been face-to-face. And because we all did it at once, it was difficult to follow a proven method. 

Everyone just Learned Something

We will lose academic data from this period, but we don’t have to lose our students or learning. Learning continues to go on. Teachers have played a big part in showing children how people can move forward through imperfect situations; how people can miss them and still love them from afar. May that will never show up on a standardized test, but it can show up in how a child lives.