The video conferencing solution does not matter – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Big Blue Button – but the effect is the same. The overuse of live lesson platforms, frustrated teachers, and underwhelmed families are all Zoomed Out.


Teaching During a Pandemic

Teaching during a pandemic doesn’t have to be this much work. Endless Zoom meetings leave the students with less work than the teacher; it is time to re-examine what you are doing online to assure the students are working on their learning, not just you working on your teaching. Read this book for insights into scaling back the number of Zoom meetings you lead and reorienting your students in engaging learning.

Table of Contents

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What are you Teaching?

Three Types of Teachers
New Curriculum
Existing Curriculum

Synchronous Versus Asynchronous

Synchronous Teacher Presence
Asynchronous Teacher Presence
Student-led Work Sessions

Distributing Learning Around Asynchronous Videos Lessons

Before a Synchronous Video Lesson
During a Synchronous Video Lesson
After a Synchronous Video Lesson

Student Collaboration

When it is Cheating
When it is not Cheating

Creating Asynchronous Online Teacher Presence


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