Technology can help new teachers be more successful in their first years of teaching. Careers are often established or abandoned in those first several years, so it is important to remove hurdles as many as possible. Particularly blended learning, amplifies teaching effectiveness and learning for students. But before a teacher can get to teaching with technology, often they need to use it as a work tool themselves! Technology used by the teacher as a Type I (versus a Type II) can alleviate the workload for beginning teachers by increasing positive communication and allowing for easy replication of successful lessons.


Tech Helps New Teachers

Technology can help an educator organize. Teachers can order lesson plans, organize files, and student submissions. The best tool for this is Google Drive. I recommend educators early in their career maintain a separate Google Drive and share between their personal and a school-sponsored Google Drive.

Lesson Plans can be created from a template housed in Google Drive, edited in Google, and then a saved copy to Google Drive and shared with your teammates, mentor, or administrator.

Organize ideas, thoughts, and documents in multiple locations in the cloud. This is portable file cabinet, accessible from anywhere any time. Your backseat can thank me later.

Students can share files to a teacher with a strict naming convention, submit a URL to the teacher, or use a LMS/Google Classroom. This creates more than a paperless classroom, it allows the teacher to have a record of submissions.


Sometimes the communication between the classroom and home is difficult to manage for newer teachers. The messages sent home via technology must be inline with grade level and building/district-wide practices, but once the message is formed up there are many channels to consider. The channels used to send home information must be known to families and must send receive the same information.

Whatever teachers select, apps or emails, establish a frequency and standard length/contents, and then stick to it! Follow these rules with email, and feel free to rely on teammates for advice. Templates in email and informative signatures can help you spend less time in your Inbox and more time teaching.


The sheer amount of work a new teacher puts in is staggering. The only thing worse, would be if s/he had to do it again the next year!

Technology can be leveraged to replicate, save, and improve that work of the prior year moving forward! Refer to the myriad of cloud accounts and possibilities, strategize to share online resources with a seasoned educator, and get your Twitter account already!

Every teacher should be stepping through a yearly revision cycle, but the rate of change from one year to the next in the early years of an education career is monumental; revision cycles may happen more frequently.

Technology can alleviate the workload for beginning teachers.

Is there a new teacher you know who could use these tips?