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Features of Successful Online Learning Environments

Features of Successful Online Learning Environments No matter whether examining your personal learning network, PLN, or a learning management system, LMS, the online learning environment probably has these features if it is successful. Consider the features of any successful online learning environment … Click To… Continue Reading →

Why is Blogging Important to Teaching and Learning? #EdBlogaDay

Blogging? How does it Relate to Teaching and Learning? Discussions @gcouros posted earlier this week The Power of a Good Lecture where he challenged the notion that ‘the person talking is doing all the learning.’ I happen to agree with him, allow me… Continue Reading →

Twitter Tools #AprilBlogaDay

Last December I completed the post: Top 13 Things I Tweeted about in 2013, clearly not thinking ahead to 2014 and the *one* more thing I would feel pressured to chronicle this year. While the exercise was very introspective for me,… Continue Reading →

Twitter in Education #AprilBlogaDay

April 2015 I hit 10,000 tweets…I didn’t know I had that much to say. However, I have to say that I am very happy with my current relationship to Twitter. Twitter in education is not the same as in our… Continue Reading →

Educational Blogging: Read, Comment, Write #AprilBlogaDay

So maybe you are not ready to start educational blogging just yet. That is okay. I have some steps which will gradually move you closer to that goal. Read The first step is to start reading the great wealth of… Continue Reading →

How has Social Media Impacted You? #AprilBlogaDay

Post 16/30 for #AprilBlogaDay When I think about social media, I am really talking about Twitter and everything else is secondary to me. What Twitter has done for my career is the opposite of the dismal news you hear about… Continue Reading →

Passion Project: Personalized Professional Learning

Today #AprilBlogaDay asked what is my passion project? Before I answered, I took a look at what I really pour myself into at work and came up with personalized professional learning.   I am lucky. I am in a sweet spot… Continue Reading →

Patterns of Social Media Usage #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is: What are the benefits of connecting with other educators? How am I going to make sure I do this on a regular basis? I have taught in four different districts,… Continue Reading →

Where do I Professionally Develop Myself? #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is: How am I going to update myself professionally? Specify support resources. I am glad to supply resources which have helped me develop myself. I recognize the importance of addition personalized development as… Continue Reading →

The EduBlog Awards #eddies14

The nominations for #eddies14 are open through November 24th. The most nominated make it to the next round, so maybe I provide you with a nominee to consider for YOUR nomination? While you can make your official nominations HERE, I prefer to… Continue Reading →

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