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As I identify the purpose of my blog, I concentrate on how I feel when I am actively blogging versus when I am not. Sometimes I call that “being behind,” or that I am “slacking off.” That is interesting since the act of blogging is not part of my job. Or is it?

When I am blogging I find I am thinking more deeply about questions which arise at work. When blogging, I find I explore more facets of an idea. When blogging, I go beyond my gut reaction and step through the entire scenario, impact, or work flow. All those are extensions of my work, benefit my work quality, and expand my attention to the details of my job. I am better when I attend to ideas beyond the hours of work and in another format than talking and email.

The purpose of my blog is to improve my understanding of and further develop my ideas on education in general, a specifically educational technology.


My audience is other teachers. Not limited to techies, but just the teachers interested in improving whatever they can. So, you know, most of us.


I am passionate about literacies, print/online, within subject areas, in all formats. I am also interested in Instructional Design, especially as it impacts adult learning. I am possibly addicted to (Massive Open Online Courses) MOOCs and – as a way to underscore my passions – I can highly recommend the last MOOC I participated in and the newest MOOC I have signed up for:

The Friday Institute’s –  Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning (Moodle)


What is my Purpose? #ETCoachesThe more questions I solve, the more I identify. However, the more I explore these questions deeply the better I feel about my ability to educate.