A teacher friend is worth his/her weight in gold for a reason; they hold treasure!

Over the years teachers build up experience and the knowledge of where to access the best resources. If you pick the right teacher friends you gain immediate access to their experience and knowledge – that is gold in educational circles.

For September’s #BlogAMonth, allow me to share some of my favorite resources:

  • I love the wide variety of curated educational content available through Pinterest. The curation tool itself is intuitive to me, but the connections I make with educational blogs is the lasting impact which shapes the way I think through new challenges as they present themselves.
  • My Favorite PLN: The Breakfast Club – #BFC530 – is a 15 minute, 1 question Twitter chat every weekday. #BFC530 chats in 4 time zones edtech treasureMonday through Friday – 5:30am Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific Times. The positivity of this group is a great start to the school day.
  • A book that recently opened up a new perspective for me on my partnerships with other adults in education is Adam Grant’s Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success(affiliate link). Once I identified the style of others I was able to interact with them under less stress, understand how they were approaching situations and not taking personal offense at those styles.