An awesome #ETCoaches Twitter chat last week inspired the group to start-up an Ed Tech Coaches Blog Challenge. I offered to get the ball rolling on some challenge items – I sure hope everyone into the idea chips in and makes the prompts meaningful – I have a lot to learn from this group. I plan to read some insightful blog posts! (Not in our ISTE Educational Technology Coaches group? We would love to include you, just let me know of your interest!)

UPDATED: Join the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge HERE!

EdTechCoaches Blogging Challenge

Since you’re a regular reader, you understand my affinity for a good blog challenge.
I did try to condense my personal advice into starting a educator’s blog into fewer than ten tips – beyond picking a platform.

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Teacher Starting A Blog

First you pick the platform, but there is even more than just the content writing to keep perfecting ...

Sep 05, 2016 - - 10
6 Effective Ways To Make Your Content Easier To Read

Those new to blogging often have one common problem, and that’s how they can make their intended readers read their posts, as well as understand any of the points that they are trying to make. If you are one of those people, make sure to take a look at this simple, yet effective guide on how to make blog’s content more scannable.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 7
Free 2016 Blog Planner - Mom's Small Victories

Free 2016 Blog Planner includes 35 customizable worksheets to get your blog organized. Available for download to Google Drive, Microsoft Excel or PDF.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 7
The best apps for blogging - A Baby on Board blog

A roundup of the best apps to use when blogging, from WordPress to photo editing apps. How to save time and speed up blogging when you're a parent.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 8
30 Ways to Grow Your Blog and Promote Your Blog Posts Effectively

This post includes an infographic on 30 ways to grow your blog and drive more traffic back to your website or blog. Learn the secrets & get started now.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 8
10 Basic HTML Tags for Bloggers: One Stop Shopping! - One Dog Woof

Here's a handy list of 10 basic HTML tags that I use frequently while blogging when I need to make manual changes to my blog widgets or posts.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 9
Blogging Basics for Beginners

Blogging Basics for Beginners: A 12-Week Series to Walk You Through Setting Up a Blog will run every Thursday from August 30th through November 15th. Click here for all of the posts in the series.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 10
So You Want To Start A Blog?

There's nothing like an infograph to sum it all up.

Sep 05, 2016 - - 8
Start a K12 Blog .... Part One | Hot Lunch Tray

I admit I’ve told a few people they should be blogging about . And I think I am right, they should be – I think the only thing I am qualified to really do it tell you if you have interesting content. I believe that is because I entertain two dueling ‘wonders’: are my thoughts interesting on this blog or am I just trying to work out what I really think? Since I have tried to move some colleagues into blogging I have been working out the suggested steps to start below.


After the above basics I would encourage some real research into a social media sharing strategy which works best for you as a busy educator/blogger. I would also love feedback from the #ETCoaches community and what works for them as I feel like my personal strategy is ever-evolving!