I hold some strong opinions on Email Efficiency for Teachers.  Yes, that is a thing.

This article is more about the email that you have not sent, yet.
The ones you are ruminating over, trying to phrase just so. I’d like to help you send those emails.

Timing is as important as the content.  If this is work-related send around 10 AM or 2 PM.  While traditional business suggests Tuesday – Thursday, early in the week Tuesday-Wednesday is likely better for the educational setting (Ellering, 2018).  If this is maybe-not-quite work-related, send it 30 minutes – 1 hour after school hours.  Never send late at night, after 8 PM qualifies for this restriction.  Feel free to draft an email, but abide by the best time to actually send.

Ask for a Purchase

Hello {insert name},

I am interested in our school/district purchasing {insert title of purchase with hyperlink}.  I have/have not verified that this is an approved vendor.  They accept {list all which apply: credit card, purchase order, other}.  All included, the total cost should be {$insert total cost to include shipping, installation, ongoing subscription coasts}.

This resources will serve {# of students/classrooms} for {# of years}.  It meets {list standards}.
The replacement plan/timeframe is {Mention if you have full or offset funding for first purchase if this is renewable and what future funding might look like.}

Thank you for your consideration.

{Your Name}

Request a Digital Resource Unblocked

This one sometimes does not need to be an email as there are often forms to submit. Check around your school to see if anyone knows about a form to replace this email before sending.

Hello {insert name},

I am requesting {insert Title of Resource hyperlinked} be accessible to {teachers/students/everyone} on our school network.  I have verified this as a safe and educationally sound resource.
It does not require Flash {verify that}.
It is HTTPS {verify that}.
None of the links from the site go to anything inappropriate at this time {verify that}.

This resources will serve {# of students/classrooms} for {# of years}.  It meets {list standards}.

Thank you for your consideration.

{Your Name}

Propose an IST/Coaching/Other position next year

You may remember I previous wrote something on how to convert your informal {read: uncompensated} #edtech efforts with a desperately need Technology Coach position {READ: Surprise – someone already thinks you ARE the Tech Coach}.  This email would be a great follow-up to a face-to-face meeting where you formally request this position.  You can also treat this as a reminder email.  Find out when the budget season is or when personnel is set in your district and send something like this as reminder of the conversation you had already.

Hello {insert name},

I wanted to follow-up on our conversation about me being the school Technology Coach next year.  I know you mentioned finances were not right yet {reference whatever was said}. I understand that {insert: budget/personanel} season is coming up and I wanted to ask you to keep this position in mind.

I am already serving {# of teachers/classrooms} for {# of years}.  I could reach more and dedicate time to {insert your goal product as a tech coach, for example: develop content with teachers} if this position comes to fruition.

Thank you for keeping me in mind.

{Your Name}


I hope your inbox makes you happy very soon!
Why not drop a comment and let us know if you have sent any of these emails and especially if any of them helped you get what you wanted!



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