Home Work: Life Balance

You may have started to settle into a pattern with your #RemoteLearning schedule.

Podcasts for the Times #REMOTELEARNING PIN 1
Podcasts for the times #REMOTELEARNING PIN 2

I enjoy less commuting, more time for real meals, and my own children being with me all day. I know they are looking forward to rejoining their friends in August; I’m not bringing up in conversation the country’s fears of a resurgent virus coupled with flu, not to them. But, I’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss it.

Now that you probably have that balance in place too and are looking ahead allow me to introduce a new professional learning source to you, podcasts. While not new, this new lifestyle of yours with more flexible time has opportunities for new ways to professionally learn.


Cult of Pedagogy Podcast Link

House of #EdTech Podcast Link

Angela Watson's Podcast Link

The Canvascasters Podcast Link

Flipped Learning Podcast LinkThe Dr Will Show Link
The idea of self-initiated professional learning is not new. See my posts on EdCamps, building your PLN, and teacher-certifications. But what is unique right now is the self-starter ideas and the expanse of choice for where to start, I’m simply suggesting how to start – podcasts.  I envision all teachers first sampling and then some teachers creating podcasts.

Please let me know if you create a podcast and would like to be added to this list. That’s what is awesome about this selection, it is ever-expanding.