My dabbling with MOOCs has been quite well self-documented.  Today I registered for a MOOC I feel rather differently about… let me explain.

This MOOC is offered by Georgia’s Virtual Learning/Schools. There is an inherent appeal to me since I am currently a Georgia educator, but maybe because I sat through an in-person presentation on it at a local ed tech conference I feel like it might be more relevant to me right now.  And my current obsession is to “see” how others organize an online course – always.  I really like the idea of a presentable LinkedIn badge as well.

I like the three levels of participation: Observer, Participant, and Verified ($) Participant.  I feel like I have acted as an Observer in all of my prior MOOCs and maybe the added expectation of interaction could be what propels me to completion in a MOOC.  I have even asked for some accountability partners via Twitter and have found a kindred spirit which should result in some extra motivation.

Only time will tell you say?  Wise soul.  Stay tuned to my blog and look for my posted assignments here.  I feel the eye roll of starting another MOOC, but the hope of finishing this one!