Today I am examining one area of my learning and teaching I want to develop this year through the TeachThought blog challenge. I do not have my own set of traditional-aged students I have a different environment; I feel like I am doubly challenged by having to not only teach other teachers, but attract them as our trainings are not often required. I need to learn more ways to invite and engage teachers in trainings. I am continuously looking to learn new techniques to make any learning I create three things:

Teachers are always seeing their time over scheduled for them. Any training I offer should be at the teacher’s convenience and completely independent from a day schedule. They should be able to have options of joining at any time and joining an experience with a cohort option.

The content of any training needs to be clear yet visually pleasing. Design can also appeal to participants by helping them predict what comes next in the course.

The training should be created in small enough segments as to be copied and reused by teachers in their courses. The training should also demonstrate design elements which teachers find valuable enough to repurpose and reimagine.



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