Part of the assignment for the Digital Learning Transitions MOOC is to write goals and challenges for the area you wish to impact.

Statement of important goals for updating teaching and learning in my district:

Celebrate an environment where the destination of learning can be reached in multiple ways and at varying paces.  Highlight teachers who enable learners to advocate for the manner in which each individual learns best.  Whenever possible, amplify best practices for teachers and/or learners through technology.

What are the biggest challenges you and your colleagues must address to achieve these goals?

  • Educators who are not ready/willing to document teaching practices in an electronic format.
  • Leadership who is unaware of the magnifying power of technology, to practice and either promote poor or best practices.
  • Throttled technology – allowing students to use creative technologies, but limiting the product, duration, or process students use to fulfill a learning opportunity.

District Situation:

  • Role: 1 of 3 Technology Integration Specialists within the district’s Technology Department
  • Focus on technology training and professional development
  • Medium-sized county in GA; 26,000 students and 3,000 teachers
  • 34 K-12 Public Schools, containing multiple public charter schools within the district.

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