My entire dissertation process was during the peak of the pandemic. I completed my dissertation in my dining room at a tiny corner desk or from a race car trailer at a race track. And through the process, I kept reminding myself “You should be writing.” Post-it notes littered my mirrors, my car, my desks, and my planner taunting me with the fact that I was not writing if I was reading the phrase, “You Should Be Writing.” As a backlash, I have not been an avid blogger, have not finished a book idea, and generally enjoy not being mandated to write.

You S

When, during my dissertation,  I could not read something because I had to push through the writing process, I fantasized about having to read instead. And as I still revel in the extravagance of picking up and putting down books, I am using artificial intelligence to luxuriate in this freedom. I am using ChatGPT4 to generate a collection of cozy and inviting places to read. I am calling it the You Should Be Reading Project. This is a fun way to share the feeling of curling up with a good book and honing my AI skills.

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The You Should Be Reading Project