One month in and I want to share an update with you about my You Should Be Reading project. For a 1 month update to my You Should Be Reading Project, I created an Infographic:

You Should Be Reading Month 1 (Infographic)

The first step I took in the You Should Be Reading Project was to purchase ChatGPT4. I use the file upload for other tasks, but I wanted to create images – and that requires ChatGPT4. $20 per month is a bargain. However, if your business is going to purchase CoPilot through a Microsoft license, you may want to weigh those two options. I use this as a way to guide my teenagers too; I offer than access to it and supervise, adjust their techniques, hoping to essential teach them what this tool is for and how to most efficiently use it.

I was reminded that Instagram does not accept accounts with nebulous names. This bothered me when I had to change my HLT Instagram account to my image/my name some time ago – and I must have repressed that experience. The account only lasted one week before Instagram deleted it. I did not want it connected to my personal account, so I let it go. I have exclusively concentrated on Facebook.

Learning to Prompt

If you remember teaching your mom or grandmother to Google, this is the inverse of that operation. It is as if Mom and Grandma were ahead of their time and would have been expert generative Artificial Intelligence prompters in the mid-90s. I rapidly recalled that I needed to ask for exactly what I wanted – an image, the parameters of that image, and any stylistic requests.

“No People, No Text”

As a ChatGPT4 subscriber, you can Customize ChatGPT. This can provide some advantages to your interface and interaction with the platform. I was more interested in setting up some “rules” based on my initial interactions with the platform. I used the Custom Instructions tool to not include people and not include test. Custom instructions will appear in the menu when you click on your name going forward. On iOS, go to Settings → New Features → turn on Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in settings.

Learning to Distribute Image Creation

I had initially not given thought to any limits in my creations. I started getting what I now realize were warnings when I created iterations rapidly. ChatGPT4 started timing me out for 20, 30 minutes and 12 hours – eventually 24 hours. I learned in the first week that ChatGPT4 limits image creation to 40 messages every 3 hours – and I recommend spacing the creation out.

Image File Type

If you download the file directly from ChatGPT4, the file format is .webP and there is not much you can do with that file type. I right click and save as title.png – it does ask me if I mean to name it with .png. After doing this some of the images are useful and allowed to upload to Canva, but others are flagged as corrupted. I can always take a screenshot, but the goal is to create high-quality images for use. I will continue to seek a better way to work with the images.