Your Professional Learning Community (PLC) is the one which supports you in your continual learning. Aside from asking you who your PLC is, I would also ask if it is formal or informal?

My supposition is that the less formal it is the more meaningful it is.

I have worked with five groups of professionals during my career. Call them a work group or a grade level, but they are the people I see day in and day out while working my job. I can honestly say that three of those groups are stellar PLCs. And some facet of each of those PLCs remain integral parts of my PLC even though I have left the work group.

The voluntary Professional Learning Community is a more powerful grouping. It is not an act of compliance, but a choice to engage honestly with people who challenge and support your efforts to better yourself as an educator. And while there are some groups with which you must work, the groups which you seek out and select to work with are more powerful for your investment of intention.

Is your PLC imposed upon you or self-selected?