You’d be forgiven if you cannot tell. But this is me writing an ebook.

Since 2010 I have been writing two things. I have been writing portions of a larger thought which will end up in my book and then the other thing is just practicing writing itself. This blog is my pre-writing exercise. I write as much as I can because I know that increasing my number of posts written will increase the quality of those pieces I eventually identify for my ebook. Again, if it is not cohesive yet, it will be.

As fascinating as it must be to read that I am still practicing writing, I also venture to mention that I have a small idea of how I will organize this information into an ebook.

There is a WordPress plugin, Aspose Doc Exporter, which exports blog posts to a Microsoft Word file. It is handy in that it gets all my content into one format which I can easily manipulate, but it is difficult in that there are no page breaks between what were posts. It is unruly, but in the format with which I can work.

I am not decided yet on how I will publish this future ebook. Amazon is easy, but vast. Self-publishing sounds a little complex, but ultimately more flexible. Based on the state of my pre-writing I should be excused from any insistence on deciding this right away I hope. However, I continually collect advice and procedures on how to do both on this Pinterest board; you should follow it while you are still practicing writing like me.

When will this ebook happen? That is a great question. I am approaching 10 years in my current position and that feels like a natural time to reflect. I have been writing this blog for nearly that long, but there is no use rushing into anything.

me writing an ebook