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What is Next in Blogging #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 5

It is the last week in the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge. I am excited to have completed the challenge and picked up some new EdTech blogs in my RSS reader. All this just in time for #CE16 to boot! So what is next… Continue Reading →

Influential Blogs #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 4

It is Week 4 in the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge – the challenge is almost complete! Part of the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge. See my other weekly posts: What is my Purpose? Challenges and Successes Current Tools, Problems, and Solutions Influential Blogs… Continue Reading →

Purpose #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 1

Part of the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge. See my other weekly posts: What is my Purpose? Challenges and Successes Current Tools, Problems, and Successes Influential Blogs What is Next in Blogging?   As I identify the purpose of my blog, I… Continue Reading →

#ETCoaches Teacher Starting A Blog

An awesome #ETCoaches Twitter chat last week inspired the group to start-up an Ed Tech Coaches Blog Challenge. I offered to get the ball rolling on some challenge items – I sure hope everyone into the idea chips in and makes… Continue Reading →

How To: Read Educational Blogs

How To Read Educational Blogs Sure, Twitter is a micro-blog, but have you ever found yourself wanting more of a tweet? The educational blogs behind those tweets may be just what you are looking for. Blogs, short for weblogs, are not… Continue Reading →

Happy Blogging New Year!

2015 was an interesting year for me as a blogger. I started off blogging New Year 2015 strongly, but then waned in the second half of the calendar year. I am excited to increase my participation and be blogging more… Continue Reading →

Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Bushel

Everyone has Something to Share The expansion of social media is meaningful. People want to share with each other and people want others to share with them. Whatever your topic, if you are sharing digitally you may as well share… Continue Reading →

Why is Blogging Important to Teaching and Learning? #EdBlogaDay

Blogging? How does it Relate to Teaching and Learning? Discussions @gcouros posted earlier this week The Power of a Good Lecture where he challenged the notion that ‘the person talking is doing all the learning.’ I happen to agree with him, allow me… Continue Reading →

Evaluate #AprilBlogaDay

It was 2 1/2 weeks since my previous post when I accepted the #AprilBlogaDay challenge. I needed a jump-start. What did I get? Reviewing my 30 tweets in 30 days, here is what I concentrated on… Authentic Topics I started… Continue Reading →

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