Most of the parents I know do this “Web Quest” in the Spring. We look at the web pages of the teachers in the next grade level for the Fall. We look through your web page with an eye toward what our students’ experience – our experience – could be next Fall.

We Can Tell:

Some websites have a “last revised” date. Please freshen your web page at least in advance of a new school year. It makes it appear as if you do not care about upcoming families – and that is probably the opposite of the truth.

We can tell if your are organized. Chances are you already know if this is an area where you need help. Please consider getting a helpful eye on your teacher web page before publishing it too.

Can You Tell?

We are sad that you did not include a picture of yourself. It just needs to be a friendly face, not a perfect face.

We stop by later in the year to see if you post any of those resources you told our students were on “The Internet.” Parents want to preview those first, not search aimlessly with our student right there to see the results page.

What you should be Telling:

Post a QR Code to get me there. Teacher web pages typically have the longest URLs on record, a function of being part of the organization’s domain. Please don’t assume we can get to it, share this at Back to School, Open House, and on newsletter throughout the year please.

What do you really care about? What is your favorite subject/theme/project to teach? We want to get excited about what our student will learn from you! We will talk it up at home if you let us know it will be a big deal in your classroom.

When will you do certain projects, hold events, have guest speakers? Not necessarily dates, but times of year. We sometimes have to schedule family gatherings which overlap with school. But if you give us plenty of notice we can maneuver around those special classroom times!

Do not feel greedy – share your (updated) Wish List. If we brave Back to School shopping once, don’t ask us to do it twice please. We want to prop up the classroom which is developing our child – if we can we contribute to that classroom. Consider updating this once a month (and dating it so we know it updated).

My annual Web Quest turns up offenders of the above, disappoints me, but also gives me hope that I can help teachers manage this simple parent relations issue. Have you thought about your teacher webpage lately?