Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks PIN

#RemoteLeanring and isolation from our teachers {except for overly populated, under-managed video conference calls} makes my boys sad.  We have to find a way to connect with our teachers. We want to let them know we miss them, value them, and we are more than our tenuous relationship with technology.

We decided to create Kindness Rocks and leave them on the doorstep of our teachers.

With the Principal’s permission, we found their addresses and started our mission to share kindness, not the virus.

We ordered these supplies from Amazon:

And we started painting on a surface where if we made a mess it was not going to be a big deal.  But my oldest came up with a great idea to use a plate.

Space to Paint Art and Math Teacher Rock
Science Teacher Rock Paint on a Plate

There is one day which we expect showers this Spring Break and we hope to create a route and deliver all of these to porches!

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